How Global Internet Fortunes Works

Welcome to Global Internet Fortunes – GIF. Your Search for Legit Ways of Making An Extra income Through Online Work Ends Here. Experience the Real comfort of Working from your Home or Place of Work and Make over $1,000 per month. Global Internet Fortunes is a Web Host Company that has a mission of Empowering […]

2007 Post Election Violence victim now Earning Ksh 260,000 Per Month Online.

As other Students are busy  in School  Hostel  Playing and Sleeping around and others trying their Luck In betting, Mwangi Kanogo a 3rd year Bachelor of Economics student at The University of Nairobi is busy  on his Phone  Building  an Empire  through Online Marketing. His 3-5 free hours  on the Internet Earns him over Ksh […]

ls Life a matter of Fate or Choice

Fact is both fate and choice play a role in how we turn out in life and however you look at it you are right! There is a reason as to why our lives are the way they are and why you are in the circumstance, position or place that you are in! It did […]

My humble advise to the Youths

Keep your Degree and Diploma in a safe custody for future opportunity, and engage in entrepreneural skills, otherwise you will die poor. Most of the educated people in Kenya are poor. Majority of the educated earn less than 30,000 for a salary before tax and other deductions. When the deductions are put into consideration, the […]